Change Your Brain Every Day with This Online Course

Amen University
Change Your Brain Every Day with This Online Course

Dr. Amen’s 28-Day Course to Boost Brain and Emotional Health

Striving for better brain health shouldn’t be a battle between sacrifice and enjoyment. Whether it’s struggling to focus, feeling overwhelmed by stress, or battling with mood swings, the quest for mental clarity and emotional balance is universal. 

Fortunately, there is harmony to be found in the world with who you are and how you live your life. Integrating your lifestyle with positive habits that both nurture and uplift your mind and spirit is the goal. 

But how do you get there? 

In a world bombarded with distractions and stress, taking proactive steps to nurture and sustain better brain health is essential for overall well-being. That’s where Dr. Daniel Amen’s Change Your Brain Every Day: 28-Day Quick Start Guide on-demand course comes in. 

Amen University offers a structured approach to enhancing your brain health through daily practices and insights. Here’s what you will gain from Dr. Amen and Tana Amen with this guide.


Are you having trouble with brain fog, forgetfulness, low moods, nervousness, lack of energy, or other issues? This course is for you.

If you’re one of the millions of people who struggle just to get through the day, it can be hard to live the life you want. You deserve better. This course gives you the proven daily habits you need to be cognitively sharper, calmer, more focused, more motivated, more in control, and mentally healthier. And you can do it in just 4 weeks!


Trying to improve your brain health on your own can seem daunting. Dr. Amen’s digital course helps make the possibility a reality in an accessible, achievable, and even enjoyable way. 

This is your new roadmap to jumpstart your daily actions with simple brain-boosting habits that help the mind and body work together. Each and every day, you’ll gain access to a quick-hit video featuring Dr. Amen and Tana, as well as a downloadable challenge that helps you put that day’s topic into action.

From nutrition tips to mindfulness exercises, each day in the Change Your Brain Every Day: 28-Day Quick Start Guide has a new opportunity to nurture and elevate your cognitive function. By committing just a few minutes each day to these effective practices, you can see the results within the first week. 

Set yourself up for success and choose the path to long-term health and vitality. You deserve to feel, think, and be the best version of yourself!


Understanding your unique brain health risk factors is crucial for making informed decisions about your well-being. Dr. Amen’s course empowers you with the knowledge to identify and address potential threats to your total health, whether it’s poor sleep habits, chronic stress, or unhealthy diet choices. 

Through personalized assessments and expert guidance, you’ll gain valuable insights into how to mitigate these risk factors and optimize your brain health for the long haul. By taking proactive steps to address potential threats, you can safeguard your cognitive function and enjoy a sharper, more resilient brain.


Past traumas and emotional wounds can cast a shadow over our present, which impacts our mood, behavior, and overall well-being. Dr. Amen’s course offers strategies for healing past hurts and cultivating emotional resilience. This allows you to break free from the grip of negative emotions and live fully in the present. 

Many struggle with how to release the weight of past traumas, but it’s possible to embrace a brighter and more hopeful future starting today. By nurturing your brain health, you can experience greater joy, fulfillment, and inner peace in your daily life.

In Amen University’s digital course, you’ll learn techniques such as forgiveness exercises, gratitude practices, and mindfulness meditation. 


Within the first few weeks of this powerful course, you’ll learn one of Dr. Amen’s most life-changing principles: 

You cannot change what you do not measure.

From knowing your most important health numbers to tracking daily habits, you can learn to keep your overall health on the right track. This course spells out the specific lab tests and health numbers you need to know.


Your thoughts have a powerful influence on your emotions, behaviors, and total outlook on life. What you eat, how you manage stress, your exposure to toxins, and your thought patterns all influence the outcome of your life.  

Dr. Amen’s course teaches you how to harness the power of your mind to cultivate a healthier lifestyle starting with your mindset. 

Your brain health is a choice you make every day. Your emotions and daily habits aren't just shaping your present-day—they shape your future self and potential generations after you. 

Through cognitive-behavioral techniques and positive affirmations, there is a way to challenge negative thought patterns, reframe limiting beliefs, and cultivate a more optimistic perspective on life. 

By adopting a proactive approach to managing your thinking and improving your lifestyle, you can:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Boost stress resilience
  • Enhance your emotional well-being
  • Prevent ruminating negative thoughts 
  • Build healthier bonds and stronger relationships 
  • And so much more!

In this course, you’ll find new ways to prioritize brain-healthy habits using nourishing foods, supplements, stress management, and holistic strategies to reduce certain risk factors. Now, the choice is yours! 

Managing your thoughts for a healthier mindset goes hand in hand with visualizing your best life. The brain is a powerful organ that takes in all sorts of information that you can choose to use to boost your brain health. 

One example you’ll find in the Change Your Brain Every Day: 28-Day Quick Start Guide is using photos that resonate with your commitment to mental well-being—like a mental vision board. By creating visual cues that anchor your focus on positive goals, you can reinforce your dedication to nurturing your health and wellness goals.

With so many other simple strategies like this one, you’ll be on your way to a better brain and a better life in less than one month.

The first step is the desire to change. The next step is making sure you’re moving in the right direction with forward momentum. If you’re ready to strengthen your brain and emotional health, don’t wait to start the transformational process. 

The Change Your Brain Every Day: 28-Day Quick Start Guide is one of many effective neuroscience-backed digital courses taught by Dr. Daniel Amen, a double-board certified psychiatrist and founder of Amen Clinics, along with his wife Tana Amen, BSN, RN. Register now for this course and in just 28 days, you can have a better brain and a better life.