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Whether you are a physician wanting to improve your patient outcomes, a teacher wanting to empower your students, or a therapist wanting to strengthen your toolbox, our professional courses help you implement cutting-edge programs. For those who qualify, our Brain Health Professional Certification Course offers 50 CEs through HMP Global.

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Brain Health Licensed Trainer Course

  • Non-medically licensed coaches, facillitators, educators, hr
  • If You want to teach and impact others through speaking, courses, workshops and coaching
  • If You want to incorporate a science-based, holistic approach to your business
  • If You are looking for ways to optimize your own brain health, mindset, and purpose
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Brain Health Professional Certification Course

  • Medically licensed health professionals, social workers, counselors
  • If You want to implement the Dr. Amen Method™ into your clinical practice to improve clients' outcomes
  • If You want to provide treatment and impact those struggling with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, memory issues, mood disorders, brain trauma, sleep disorders, weight issues
  • If You are looking for ways to optimize your own brain health, mindset, and purpose
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Amen University Courses for Professionals

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Understand the Difference Between Two courses

Teach medical and mental health professionals how to practice in the brain-centered way, the way our physicians do here at Amen Clinics. For licensed trainers, you can take our content and teach it toother people for education and outreach.

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Explore courses tailored for medical professionals, teachers, kids, and individuals facing ADD, insomnia, memory issues, and more. Brain-directed and taught by experts, our programs offer solutions for everyone. Find what's right for you

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