Get Brain Health Certified in The Amen Clinics Method

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Get Brain Health Certified in The Amen Clinics Method

Why Mental Health Professionals are Getting Certified in Brain Health

In the dynamic landscape of mental health care, staying ahead of the curve isn't just an advantage—it's essential. Thanks to renowned psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen’s brain SPECT imaging work at Amen Clinics, it’s becoming clear that the future of mental health care lies in brain health. The good news is, you can become part of that future now.

The founder of Amen Clinics, Dr. Amen has already helped tens of thousands of patients change their brains and change their lives. After fine-tuning The Amen Clinics Method over the past 30-plus years of clinical practice, Dr. Amen is now offering all the details of this methodology in his Brain Health Professional Certification Course. 

If you want to help your patients achieve better outcomes faster, it’s time to go beyond guesswork and learn how to leverage the power of brain scans in your practice. By becoming an expert at how the brain works, you can tailor treatment recommendations more effectively. 

This is your chance to implement the Amen Clinics Method into your patient protocol to grow your practice and to help your patients optimize their brains so they can minimize their symptoms and live the life they always wanted. All aspects of this comprehensive course ensure that you’ll be able to offer the best and latest advances in brain health care.



This course is exclusively for licensed medical and mental health professionals, including physicians, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors and more. It is ideal for any professional who is seeking to:

  • Better serve your patients with innovative methods and treatments
  • Gain direct access to the world’s leading health experts
  • Learn more about brain behavior systems
  • Gain more knowledge about neuroimaging
  • Learn more about brain-directed supplements



When you complete Dr. Amen’s Brain Health Professional Certification Course, you can earn 50 CMEs. And you can do it at a fraction of the cost of medical conferences. 

It’s not unusual for a medical conference to cost several thousand dollars. And that’s not including the airfare and hotel. In addition, there’s the time away from your office and the costs associated with all those missed appointments.

With Dr. Amen’s on-demand course, you can learn on your own time at your own convenience. No travel costs. No downtime. 


The materials in this course are based on the way Dr. Amen trains his own Amen Clinics physicians. It is like getting your own one-on-one training session with the man who pioneered the use of brain imaging in mental health. In this in-depth training course, which includes 50 hours of instruction, you’ll learn:

  • How to teach brain health to your patients 
  • Lessons from the world's largest database of brain SPECT studies (over 250,000 scans and still growing)
  • How to perform, read, and apply brain SPECT imaging 
  • How to implement the Amen Clinics Method into your practice
  • The latest cutting-edge advances in brain health care 
  • And so much more…

Some of the topics covered include brain behavior systems, the gut-brain connection, ways to boost brain reserve, the science of self-control, how to eliminate automatic negative thoughts (ANTs), and decreasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, and innovative treatments.

The course also explores how to subtype mental health conditions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • And more

To help you put the material into action, you’ll also get guidance on how to coach patients to optimize their brain health.


One of the most popular aspects of this course is the Amen Clinics Method Toolbox, which provides everything you need to implement brain health in your practice.

In this valuable toolbox, you’ll have access to the very same forms, questionnaires, and planning tools that Dr. Amen and the other physicians at Amen clinics use on a daily basis to improve diagnosis and outcomes. Dr. Amen spent decades creating these proprietary forms and is giving them to you with this course so you can integrate his brain-based methodology in your practice. 

Dr. Amen considers these tools the “next best thing” to getting a brain SPECT scan evaluation at one of the Amen Clinics.

The Amen Clinics Method Toolbox includes:

  • Intake Forms for Children, Teens, and Adults: These forms, which are specifically tailored for children, teens, or adults, are the same forms Amen Clinics staff use when seeing new patients. With these intake forms, you’ll discover the things you aren’t currently asking patients that could be vitally important in offering the best care.

  • Checklists: These comprehensive checklists screen for psychiatric, learning, and brain system problems.

  • Treatment Algorithms: Use these detailed questionnaires to help identify ADD/ADHD, anxiety and depression, and dementia risk and follow the proprietary Amen Clinics treatment algorithms for effective solutions for these conditions.

  • SPECT FAQs: Gain a deeper understanding of brain SPECT imaging with this series of FAQs.

  • Brain System Handouts: Help your patients understand the brain systems with attractive handouts that provide brain basics. 

  • Brain Healthy Habits Handouts: Give your patients the tools they need to keep them motivated and to help them stay on track in between appointments.

  • And more: Find additional information about Lyme disease, 504 Accommodation recommendations, and much more.

Most testing companies require you to pay ongoing licensing fees to use their forms. With the Amen Clinics Method Toolbox, you’ll gain unlimited use of these forms at absolutely no cost at any time to you or your patients. 


This comprehensive course also includes a number of bonuses that can help you implement a brain-based approach in your practice. These bonuses include:

  • Dr. Amen’s Slide Presentation: Gain instant access to over 1,000 course slides that Dr. Amen uses to train his own medical staff.  
  • Brain Healthy Addiction Treatment Program PDF: This valuable document includes detailed questionnaires to help you perform thorough brain-directed evaluations and individually targeted treatment plans based on brain type. 
  • Images of Human Behavior SPECT Atlas PDF: A comprehensive book that serves as a valuable resource for educating patients to understand and love their brains. This atlas includes real-life before-and-after treatment brain SPECT studies. This powerful tool helps your patients in so many ways, including providing hope, breaking denial, decreasing shame and stigma, and increasing compliance.
  • Brain Healthy Supplements: This video helps you go beyond the basics to show you what you need to know about brain healthy supplements.
  • Utilizing Clinical Questionnaires, Psychotherapy, and Imaging in Clinical Practice: Learn from a clinical psychologist who completed this course and transformed his practice using the Amen Clinics Method. He discusses how he did it and how you can easily implement the clinical questionnaires and other components of the Amen Clinics Method Toolbox in a clinical setting.
  • Lab Testing for Mental Health: Dr. Mark Filidei, Director of Integrative Medicine at Amen Clinics, introduces you to the importance and impact of lab testing as part of the diagnostic and treatment process. Discover the most important integrative lab panels to recommend and how to do workups when toxic exposure (such as to toxic mold) or chronic infection (such as Lyme disease) is suspected.
  • Using Brain SPECT Imaging in Criminal and Civil Legal Proceedings: Dr. Jay Faber—a child & adult psychiatrist, forensic psychiatrist, and author of Escape: Rehab Your Brain to Stay Out of the Legal System—discusses the use of brain SPECT imaging in criminal and civil legal proceedings. 



Start gaining a renewed sense of love for medicine and the patients you treat today! Elevate your practice, enhance patient outcomes, and join the ranks of forward-thinking professionals revolutionizing mental health care. 


If you want to offer your patients better solutions based on neuroscience from a trusted voice in their field, sign up for Dr. Amen’s Brain Health Professional Certification Course today.