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The Brain Warrior's Way

The Brain Warrior's Way

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    The Brain Warrior's Way
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    Brain Warrior's Way

    The breakthrough course that helps establish positive self-esteem, boost confidence, and empower yourself to be the best version of you.

    Create a version of yourself you're proud of

    Creating a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. We all know it isn't easy. Is there a way forward that gets you motivated toward a better future? Yes, there is! Brain Warrior's Way is a program that teaches you the fundamentals of building a loving relationship with yourself. Improve your well-being and put your future in your hands. Learn to motivate yourself, change your mindset and build toward success. all from this simple-to-follow course, right at home.

    Are you looking for answers to these questions?

    • How do I motivate myself to be healthier?
    • How can I better position myself to be better in school or at work?
    • What can I do to improve my self-esteem?
    • How does mental health play into physical health?

    These questions can become exhausting to repeatedly think about. Developing a new routine or lifestyle is challenging without the support of the person that matters most, yourself. Build yourself up so you can love the person you are and want to become.


    In the Battle for your health, we're in your corner cheering you on

    Dr. Daniel Amen will guide you along in this empowering course that teaches you:

    Living with Purpose​

    Learn to change your mindset by understanding your motivations to be healthy. Turn your pain into purpose by inspiring yourself and others to take the time to discover themselves.

    Accountability and a Changing Environment

    Using resources, tools, and guides, measure your success. Wins should be celebrated, so keep track of them and see your progress grow as your story is written..

    What's Inside Matters​

    Get the best information on how to take care of yourself using nutritionist-recommended foods, and supplements. discover how what you put into your body can make a huge difference in your overall health mentally and physically.

    Nothing Motivates Like Happiness

    Happiness is the perfect motivation tool. Being happy is such a human concept. We strive for it in all aspects of our lives. Getting to that point is the challenge though. After you start the course you'll feel a renewed interest in your happiness now and in the long run. Motivate yourself to be happier because you deserve it. This course will show you how, easily.


    What Will This Course Do For You?

    By the end of our course, you'll have a renewed mindset on how to motivate yourself towards a better lifestyle.

    • Understand your personal motivations
    • Enhanced mood, energy and focus
    • Join a community of other Brain Warriors
    • Better energy and focus
    • Establish Confidence and Self Esteem
    • Accountability advice and tools to support you in everyday life

    What Does a Better You Look Like?

    Imagine how tomorrow you'll feel after starting the course and seeing that you too can make the changes to become the best version of yourself. When you see that person in the mirror remind yourself that you made the choice to be happier and healthier.


    What's Included In This Course...

    LESSONS 1-4

    MASTERY of Lifelong Skills

    Implement the MASTERY acronym to overcome self-doubt, pain, and unhealthy habits

    LESSONS 5-8

    Gut, Gratitude & Life Upgrades

    Take a deep dive into the science of the Gut-Brain Connection, gratitude, and how people change for good

    LESSONS 9-11

    Better Focus, Better Life

    Better Focus, Better LifeLife Learn how to heal the centers of the brain that are responsible for focus, planning, and worrying

    LESSONS 12-13

    Ways to Grow Your Brain

    Your guide to daily practices to reverse brain aging and ignite focus, energy, and self-confidence

    LESSONS 14-20

    The Brain in Relationships

    The deep limbic system and temporal lobes when damaged can be devastating to your relationships. Learn in-depth how to heal these areas

    LESSONS 21-26

    Hormones & Memory Restoration

    Optimize your lab numbers with these easy-to-implement strategies

    Hear From Real PeopleOn How This Course Changes Lives

    Believe In Yourself And You Can Do Anything

    Stop existing and start living. You owe it to yourself. Through this program discover yourself. We know you can do it and we're here to help you. Become the warrior we know you are

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is it important to become a “Brain Warrior” in life?

    You are in a war for the health of your brain, body, and mind. If you want to survive and thrive in our society—which promotes an unhealthy diet, lifestyle, and mindset—you need to become a Brain Warrior.

    What are some of the benefits of being a Brain Warrior?

    Being a Brain Warrior puts you in control of your own life, and it helps the people you love too. As a Brain Warrior, you will learn how to set a good example to raise healthy kids, and you will discover the path to happier relationships.

    Can this course help someone develop better self-esteem?

    Yes. This course reveals the many factors that can influence your self-esteem in a negative way, including: Genetics: Heredity Exposure to trauma: Negative emotional experiences or turbulent relationships Poor academic performance: Having learning difficulties or trouble in school Social media: Constantly comparing yourself to others on social platforms Thinking patterns: Tendency to focus on flaws and weaknesses This course offers practical strategies to address these issues to boost your self-esteem.

    Will becoming a Brain Warrior help me deal with stress?

    Yes, this course gives you the tools you need to increase resilience, so you can handle everyday stress. You’ll also learn how to cope better with major stressors, such as: Death of a spouse Divorce or separation, Death of a close family member Major personal injury or illness, Being fired from your job, Marriage Issues, Imprisonment, Retirement.

    Can the Brain Warrior’s Way course help develop healthy eating habits, even if someone has suffered from an eating disorder?

    Yes, this course provides simple guidelines for healthy eating and reveals that eating for brain health isn’t about deprivation, it’s about abundance. For anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder, you’ll learn that, contrary to popular belief, eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice nor are they a sign of personal weakness or character flaw. You’ll also discover what makes some people more vulnerable to eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, how they are rooted in brain dysfunction, and how improving overall brain health can promote healthier eating habits.

    How can this course help me become a Brain Warrior?

    This course will guide you to better brain and body health, a more positive mindset, and greater motivation. You will discover how to transform pain from the past into purpose, so you can live a more fulfilling life.



    Dr. Daniel Amen

    Dr. Daniel Amen’s mission is to end mental illness by creating a revolution in brain health. He is dedicated to providing the education, products, and services to accomplish this goal. Dr. Amen is a physician, adult and child psychiatrist, and founder of Amen Clinics with 11 locations across the U.S. Amen Clinics has the world’s largest database of brain scans for psychiatry totaling more than 210,000 SPECT scans on patients from 155 countries. He is the founder of BrainMD, a fast growing, science-based nutraceutical company, and Amen University, which has trained thousands of medical and mental health professionals on the methods he has developed.

    Dr. Amen is one of the most visible and influential experts on brain health and mental health with millions of followers on social media. In 2020 Dr. Amen launched his digital series Scan My Brain featuring high-profile actors, musical artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and influencers that airs on YouTube and Instagram. Over 90 episodes have aired, turning it into viral social media content with collectively millions of views. He has also produced 17 national public television shows about the brain and his online videos on brain and mental health have been viewed over 300 million times. Dr. Amen is a 12-time New York Times bestselling author, including Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, The End of Mental Illness, Healing ADD, and many more.


    Tana Amen, BSN, RN

    Tana Amen, BSN, RN, is VP of Amen Clinics and the author of The Relentless Courage of a Scared Child, as well as six other books, including the New York Times bestseller The Omni Diet.

    She is a highly respected health-and-fitness expert and a nationally renowned speaker and media guest. She has appeared on The Doctors, Today, Good Day New York, and more. Additionally, Tana’s appearances on public television promoting brain health have helped raise millions of dollars for local stations.

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