Change Lives With Dr. Amen’s Brain Health Licensed Trainer Course

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Change Lives With Dr. Amen’s Brain Health Licensed Trainer Course

How to Get Licensed as a Brain Health Coach

Have you ever tried to help someone achieve their goals and given them proven strategies and a roadmap to success only to have them continue to fall short? As a coach, it can be so frustrating when your clients don’t make progress. And it certainly doesn’t help grow your business. Why is it that some people follow through on your advice while others don’t?

The missing link to coaching anyone to health or success is their brain. 

“When your brain works right, you work right. But when your brain is troubled, for whatever reason, you’re more likely to have trouble in your life.” That’s what psychiatrist and brain health specialist Dr. Daniel Amen has learned based on 30-plus years of brain SPECT imaging work at Amen Clinics. 

Our brains are the epicenter of every function—physically, mentally, emotionally—in our bodies. So, when a client’s brain isn’t healthy, it means they can have a hard time sticking with your advice. 

To help your clients—and you—achieve success, Dr. Amen has created The Brain Health Licensed Trainer course. The goal? To revolutionize the way that you coach your clients, how you attract clients, and more importantly, get them the results that you want and that they want. 

If you add this digital course to the tools you already have, not only will your brain health be enhanced, but you'll also have the specific strategies to help your clients have a better brain and a better life as well.




This course is intended for non-medically licensed coaches, facilitators, educators, and HR managers. It is ideal for anyone who wants to learn:

  • How to optimize your own brain health, mindset, and purpose
  • How to help others lead a brain-healthy life
  • How to incorporate a science-based, holistic approach to your business
  • How to coach individuals and teams to greater success
  • How to facilitate wellness programs in organizations
  • How to impact others through speaking and workshops

One of the best parts about this course is that it is self-paced. You can watch the videos and study the materials whenever, wherever it’s most convenient for you. There’s no pressure to complete the coursework on a specific timeline. 


The core of this brain health trainer course revolves around understanding the brain's intricate mechanisms and how they impact overall health and wellness. Through Dr. Amen's comprehensive teachings, you'll take a deep dive into the foundations of brain health, including:

  • Key brain systems (plus optimization strategies)
  • 5 primary brain types (plus how to identify a person’s brain type)
  • 10 brain functions (plus Dr. Amen’s 4 Circles approach to brain health)

With this in-depth knowledge, you'll be equipped to identify areas of improvement and tailor personalized plans for your clients’ specific needs. 

Dr. Amen shares his basic brain principles in 4 Circles in this certification program as well. Basically, this entails assessing four key aspects of a person’s life, including biology, psychology, social connections, and spirituality. 

This approach helps you understand what may be holding a client back and allows you to develop a more targeted plan to help them get the results they want. 

Becoming a brain health trainer means encouraging your clients to take their nutrition, exercise, and mental health seriously. With the prevalence of mental health challenges on the rise, your goal to become a brain health trainer is possible and necessary.



Armed with the latest research and insights from Dr. Amen's course, you'll build a robust toolkit for brain health coaching. Brain health trainer Fallon Jordan shares her personal story about how the Brain Health Licensed Trainer Course helped her brain health and help her clients. 

She goes in-depth about how she was able to take the tools Dr. Amen’s courses provided to turn her pain into purpose. This is how you’ll build your training toolkit as well.

From dietary recommendations to targeted supplementation strategies, you'll learn how to address various aspects of brain health effectively. Moreover, the course will provide you with practical coaching techniques to empower your clients to make changes on their own. 

The ultimate goal of coaching someone is to give them the best tools to learn to be self-sufficient with the skills they’ve learned from you. When your clients have a better brain, they’ll be able to make better decisions that lead them to success. 

When your clients thrive, it means your business will thrive too.


In today's digital age, the ability to deliver knowledge and guidance online is invaluable. Dr. Amen's Brain Health Licensed Trainer Course not only equips you with expertise in brain health coaching but also teaches you how to effectively impart this knowledge through digital platforms. 

Whether you're looking to expand your reach or enhance your existing wellness business, mastering the art of teaching digital courses is a valuable skill set to possess.

By becoming certified as a brain health coach or trainer through Dr. Amen’s courses, you're supplying the demand for competent and qualified brain health professionals. 

Dr. Amen’s Licensed Brain Health Trainers focus on integrating a brain-based approach into their existing wellness, nutrition, or other professional services and coaching. 

As part of this digital course, you’ll also receive a license to teach certain Amen University courses, such as:

This will provide you with numerous ways to offer your clients better solutions for their lives. 



With this course, you’ll also gain access to coaching materials, logos, teaching tools, and resources. For example, you’ll gain access to:

  • Program Workbook—to guide you step-by-step through the course
  • Program Worksheets—interactive exercises to help you learn the material
  • Study Guide & Flashcards—to prepare you for the final exam
  • Coaching Toolbox (intakes, facilitator guides, and more)
  • Brain Health Teaching Kit (assessments, lunch & learn resources, mastermind guides, workbooks, PowerPoints, marketing flyers)

With these tools you can help yourself and your clients achieve a healthier brain, and you can create a healthier business.


Become a Brain Health Licensed Trainer by enrolling in Dr. Amen’s course today. You’ll gain insights from Dr. Daniel Amen, a board-certified psychiatrist, brain health specialist, and founder of Amen Clinics; as well as Tana Amen, BSN, RN; certified executive coach Barbara Gustavson; and others.