Unlocking Hope: 5 Natural Remedies for Autism

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Unlocking Hope: 5 Natural Remedies for Autism

A Comprehensive Approach to Improving Quality of Life

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects millions of individuals worldwide, impacting their social interactions, communication skills, and behavior patterns. While there is no known cure for ASD, you can find the best treatment for autism to help alleviate symptoms. 

Many families struggle with what to do with the many faces of autism. Luckily, there are natural remedies for autism and holistic approaches to improve your or a loved one's quality of life. 

Amen University's Autism: A New Way Forward course offers a comprehensive exploration of the root causes of autism and provides targeted remedies to address these underlying issues. There’s also autism education for parents who feel like they don’t know where else to turn to help their child. 

With over 30 years as a physician and adult and child psychiatrist, Dr. Danial Amen teaches you all he’s learned about the different brain types and identifying the root causes of ASD. From biomedical risk factors to lab panels to genetic testing, you can identify the causes and get autism spectrum disorder help now. 

Here are five natural remedies for autism to offer hope and guidance to those seeking alternative ASD treatment.

1. Nutritional Therapy

The age-old saying “you are what you eat” rings true, especially for those struggling to manage symptoms or find ASD help. That’s why nutritional therapy for individuals living with autism is crucial. Focus on a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients the brain needs to keep neuropathways strong and healthy. 

Use an elimination diet and start by excluding inflammatory food sources like gluten, casein, excess added sugar, and processed foods for 30 days. Then re-introduce them one at a time to see if they worsen autism symptoms. If they do, eliminate those foods permanently.

Taking a more holistic approach addresses potential nutrient deficiencies and supports gut health—your body’s second brain—to help manage symptoms and start healing autism naturally. The course breaks down why that gut-brain connection is so important and how to take steps to make it part of a better lifestyle while living with ASD.

2. Natural Supplementation

Natural food-grade supplements are beneficial for individuals looking for the best autism treatment after their diagnosis. The Autism: A New Way Forward course discusses the use and benefit of specific brain-building supplements like vitamins B6, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics, among others. 

These supplements can address specific deficiencies that whole food nutrition alone may not help you heal initially. As the founder of the fast-growing, science-based nutraceutical company BrainMD, Dr. Amen created this course to help you promote a more balanced biochemistry that potentially reduces symptoms associated with ASD.  


3. Behavioral Therapies

While not a traditional "natural" remedy, using certain behavioral therapies like Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is often considered part of a holistic approach to autism treatment. The course provides research-backed insights into the principles of ABA and other behavioral interventions. 

This can be especially helpful for early development in children and adults struggling to understand their ASD diagnosis. The course will guide you in how to learn new skills, improve communication, and reduce challenging behaviors in a more personal and holistic way.

Another element in healing symptoms of autism is taking caregiver burnout seriously. If you’re caring for an autistic child but struggle to manage their behavioral symptoms and your emotional state, this program can help. 

There’s even a module to help demystify uncertainty around ASD medications. You may feel powerless when caring for loved ones with autism, but there is a way to avoid burnout and make an action plan to implement natural remedies for autism.

4. Sensory Integration Techniques

When seeking out autism spectrum disorder help, many people struggle with sensory sensitivities and have difficulties processing sensory information. The Autism: A New Way Forward course explores various sensory integration techniques such as deep pressure therapy, weighted blankets, and sensory diets. 

This is a great tool to support autism education for parents because it uncovers the mind-body connection needed to understand and help regulate sensory input. The results of taking these steps in your ASD treatment will improve focus, attention, and emotional regulation.

5. Practicing Mind-Body Connection 

Holistic approaches to autism treatment may often include practicing habits that keep the mind-body connection flowing. Examples include physical movements like yoga and walking and mental techniques like meditation and mindfulness. 

These practices are proven to help reduce stress, anxiety, and sensory overload in those living with ASD. These valuable tools for self-regulation and emotional well-being can empower you and your loved ones. Make these self-care practices a regular habit, so that you and other neurodivergent family members can help heal autism symptoms daily and with maximum impact.

What Can You Do Now?

These 5 natural remedies for autism are the stepping stones to a better, healthier, and more healed life. Don’t wait to find the support you need to support yourself or someone you love with ASD.


If you're looking for autism help or ASD treatment that goes beyond conventional methods, consider exploring the natural treatment for autism discussed in Amen University's course. Autism: A New Way Forward is about educating yourself and supporting your loved ones with autism in living their best lives. The course offers a comprehensive guide to address the root causes of the condition and provides targeted natural remedies to alleviate symptoms.