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Brain Thrive by 25: with College Credits

Brain Thrive by 25: with College Credits

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    Brain Thrive by 25: with College Credits


    Dr. Daniel Amen and
    Dr. Jesse Payne’s
    Brain Thrive by 25 Course
    with 3 undergraduate credits

    Let’s help young brains become great!

    * This program is not included in Amen University MAX

    Your brain doesn’t fully develop until your mid-twenties, and it’s involved in everything you do. This course will help you become the adult you want to be. Students of this course have 6 months from the date of purchase to finish the course, write the final paper, and submit the registration form to the Registrar’s office.

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    (5 hours of content)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can benefit from this course?

    Kids, parents, teachers, and community leaders will benefit from this course.

    How can this course help young children develop a healthier brain?

    This course provides easy-to-learn brain basics that will promote healthy development and help set kids up for a happier, more successful life.

    What are the key components to having a healthy brain that I can teach my kids?

    Some of the simplest yet most powerful things you can teach your children are to eat nutritious foods, get plenty of sleep, and engage in physical exercise.

    How can I help my kids make good brain healthy decisions?

    Giving children choices helps them learn to make good decisions. For example, would you like carrots or broccoli with dinner? Would you like to have grapes or watermelon with your lunch? Would you like to ride your bicycle or run to the park today? Would you like to read one or two stories before bedtime?

    Choices also lessen the resistance from kids as they feel a sense of control—a huge bonus

    How do kids best learn brain-care life skills?

    Children learn by example, so being a good role model is the best way for kids to learn about making brain-healthy decisions. Articulating your decision-making process out loud can be helpful. For example, you might say, “I’m craving some chocolate, but I bet my brain would appreciate some pineapple instead, and that will satisfy my sweet tooth as well.”

    How much does the Brain Thrive by 25 with 3 undergraduate credits course cost?

    The individual course is $479

    You get unlimited access

    How does the 30-day guarantee work?

    Our goal is to make sure that you have the best learning experience possible. If Brain Thrive by 25 Course with 3 undergraduate credits isn’t for you, then email us within 30 days of the date of your purchase, and we’ll offer a full refund.



    Dr. Daniel G. Amen, MD

    Dr. Daniel Amen’s mission is to end mental illness by creating a revolution in brain health. He is dedicated to providing the education, products, and services to accomplish this goal. Dr. Amen is a physician, adult and child psychiatrist, and founder of Amen Clinics with 11 locations across the U.S. Amen Clinics has the world’s largest database of brain scans for psychiatry totaling more than 210,000 SPECT scans on patients from 155 countries. He is the founder of BrainMD, a fast growing, science-based nutraceutical company, and Amen University, which has trained thousands of medical and mental health professionals on the methods he has developed.

    Dr. Amen is one of the most visible and influential experts on brain health and mental health with millions of followers on social media. In 2020 Dr. Amen launched his digital series Scan My Brain featuring high-profile actors, musical artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and influencers that airs on YouTube and Instagram. Over 90 episodes have aired, turning it into viral social media content with collectively millions of views. He has also produced 17 national public television shows about the brain and his online videos on brain and mental health have been viewed over 300 million times. Dr. Amen is a 12-time New York Times bestselling author, including Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, The End of Mental Illness, Healing ADD, and many more. His highly anticipated new book is Change Your Brain Every Day: Simple Daily Practices to Strengthen Your Mind, Memory, Moods, Focus, Energy, Habits, and Relationships will be released March 23rd, 2023.


    Jesse Payne, Ed.D.

    Dr. Payne has built a dynamic career in education and business, leveraging his diverse expertise across several key roles to make a practical and tangible impact on students, educators, educational institutions, businesses, and corporations alike. In education, he has experience in play therapy, social-emotional group instruction, classroom teaching, online teaching, curriculum/program development, public school administration, International Baccalaureate World School leadership, university professorship, and university administration. In business, Dr. Payne has experience in operations, budget management, recruiting, professional growth, leadership coaching/mentoring, consulting, and Human Resources.

    A key focus for Dr. Payne is in the study, teaching, and enhancement of the brain. He has authored and developed several books and programs focused on applying practical strategies to enhance brain health, including Change Your Brain, Change Your Life (Before 25), Making a Good Brain Great: High School Course, and the Brain Thrive programs/courses with Amen Clinics. He also partners with the Special Forces Charitable Trust to provide training and resources to those serving in our special forces military communities.

    Dr. Payne has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in Education from Vanguard University. He has a Doctorate Degree in Education Leadership from the University of Southern California. He has an active teaching license and principal license in public education in the state of Oregon, as well as the Senior Certified Professional certification from the Society of Human Resources Management. He is also certified in DISC instruction and Maxwell Leadership.