Happy Employees, Healthy Workplace with Brain Fit For Work and Life

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Happy Employees, Healthy Workplace with Brain Fit For Work and Life

Boost Business with Dr. Amen’s Brain Health for Work Course


Creating a positive work environment is often easier said than done—especially when you’re the boss. But it isn't just a nice-to-have. This is a must-have for professionals looking to thrive and not just survive. 

In today's competitive business landscape, the well-being of every employee is more critical for success than ever. Happy employees are not only more productive, but they also contribute to a healthier workplace culture. 

Daniel Amen, MD, a renowned psychiatrist and founder of Amen Clinics, has developed a cutting-edge digital course designed to optimize brain health at work. By incorporating insights from Dr. Amen's Brain Fit for Work & Life course into your workplace initiatives, you can empower your employees to thrive both professionally and personally. 

One of the most popular Dr. Amen courses, Brain Fit for Work & Life allows you to explore practical strategies to boost morale, foster a positive work environment, and prioritize the brain and mental wellness of your team. And the best part? You’ll learn how you can leverage the power of this course to achieve your professional goals effectively.

If you're looking to boost morale and create a vibrant workspace for happier employees, Brain fit for Work & Life covers the following eight steps. To help you incorporate these steps into your business, this course also includes a downloadable Quick Start Guide workbook and other interactive materials.

Step 1. Success starts in the brain.

The foundation of happiness and productivity lies within our brains. Investing in mental wellness programs, such as Dr. Amen's digital course, can equip you and your employees with the tools needed to cultivate a positive mindset. 

In this course, Dr. Amen goes into the basic brain functions and the roles they play in your day-to-day life: 

  • Prefrontal Cortex - CEO
  • Anterior Cingulate - Gear Shifter
  • Basal Ganglia - Motivation
  • Limbic System - Mood

Another piece of the workplace puzzle is learning to manage stress effectively. Workplace stress is the most pervasive challenge facing modern professionals today. Protecting your prefrontal cortex—the brain’s decision-maker—can help protect you from bad decisions that could ruin your business and your life. 

When you get Dr. Amen’s course, you and your employees will learn how to utilize nutrition, exercise, and positive thinking to ignite your brain and work life. 

Step 2. Know how to drive change.

Change is inevitable, but it doesn't have to be daunting. This course gives you the resources and training required to help employees navigate change, which fosters adaptability and resilience. Everything you need to lead happier employees starts with equipping them with tools to handle challenges. 

In order to drive positive change, you must take stock of company culture and understand any employee concerns. This shows your employees how to overcome obstacles and fuel better performance while leading with compassion.     

Step 3. Balance work and home life with the 4 Circles of Brain Health.

A healthy work-life balance is essential for employee well-being. This can mean encouraging boundaries between work and personal time, offering flexible scheduling options, and promoting time management techniques. 

Team leaders can help employees optimize their brain for better productivity and to find purpose in their work. 

In Dr. Amen’s course, he shares the 4 Circles of Brain Health to help you understand how to help your employees work and live better.

  1. Biological (genetics, hormones, nutrition, exercise, overall health)
  2. Psychological (past emotional trauma, self-talk, self-worth, generational issues) 
  3. Social (current relationships, financial health, work)
  4. Spiritual (sense of purpose, values and morals, connections beyond the self)

Though boundaries exist within the workplace, it’s important to understand what helps your employees show up as their best selves. As you learn different ways to heal the 4 Circles of Brain Health, the professional and personal lives of your employees will harmonize in the most productive way.


Step 4. Ignite motivation, creativity, and innovation.

Empower employees by fostering a workplace culture that values creativity and innovation. As motivation flourishes, give them opportunities to pursue their passions and explore new ideas. Happier employees are more likely to produce good work and be eager to contribute their best ideas. To learn how to elevate that kind of motivation, you have to know the reason why you care.

In the Brain Fit for Work & Life course, Dr. Amen shares the fundamental neuroscience behind creativity and innovation. How the brain processes everything around you—from thoughts to images to auditory stimuli—affects how you function throughout the day. You’ll use what you’ve learned so far in the course to identify the optimal time and best work environment for the brain to deliver quality and efficient work. 

Step 5. Lead by example.

Leadership sets the tone for organizational culture. Leading by example means demonstrating qualities such as transparency, empathy, and humility. How you want your employees to work together starts with you! 

Employees who see these traits in action are more likely to feel valued and motivated to emulate them. That is how you create a positive ripple effect throughout the workplace.

Step 6. Kill the ANTs to squash negativity.

Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) can hinder productivity and dampen morale. Dr. Amen has identified multiple types of ANTs that can rob employees of the peace of mind needed for a positive workplace. 

In this course, you’ll discover the most common ANT types and how to eliminate them with a simple, science-backed strategy. By using this technique to foster a more positive internal dialogue, employees can cultivate a happier and more resilient mindset.

Step 7. Fuel high performance with foods and supplements.

A well-nourished brain is essential for optimal performance at work. Promoting healthy habits through access to nutritious snacks and educational benefits can work wonders. 

Dr. Amen’s course includes his Brain Fit Nutrition Rules to help you create a healthier workforce. You’ll also discover the basics about brain-healthy supplements that fuel peak performance.

Step 8. Optimize the brain for a lifetime.

Investing in long-term brain health benefits not only employees, but also the organization as a whole. Encourage workplace activities that promote cognitive stimulation like learning new skills, cross-training, or participating in brain-training exercises. 

You can incorporate these into team-building exercises for an extra boost in morale. Going through the Brain Fit for Work & Life course, you can help your employees thrive in their careers and every aspect of life.

If you want happier employees, a healthier workplace, and a better bottom line, sign up now for Amen University’s on-demand course Brain Fit for Work & Life. Creating a better future for your company and employees is within reach. Implement these simple steps to foster a culture of positivity, productivity, and well-being that benefits everyone.